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About Me – Hello World !!

Hello all …. I am Gaurav Dhiman, a guy from India who is a software engineer by profession. Well, I opened this blog to just write my experiences about life (both personal and professional) …. don’t know whether it will be of some use to someone or not, but just writing it as for last few year I have developed the liking towards writing but at the same time I am not passionate about it. I try to write whatever I think about. Till now I have written some technical articles about Linux Kernel on my technical blog, but that is not the only thing which I can write. The main reason for opening this blog is to write about my daily life and to share my experiences with all those who are interested in knowing it. So guys keep looking into this space if you want to know what I am going through. Its like a hole through which you can peek into my life, but the control is in my hands to decide what to show and what not to show -)

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1. vikrant - September 9, 2007

Hi Gourav…I have read ur blogs and some Linux articles also
they are good and so keep writing

2. Varuna - November 23, 2008

hello gaurav!
i’m not a visitor of ur site…it ws opened by chance…i hv read some of ur experiences…n hv liked dose.i just wana wish u all d best 4 ur future…
keep up d gud work!!!!

3. - - - October 19, 2009

Hi Gaurav

Generally i am not into reading all these blogs and all kind of things. Reason being i find it like peeping into others personal life. While browsing i got to see these experiences. and trust me hardest moment of your life is such a heart breaking blog that couldnot stop myself writing comments for the same..It really shows up how life takes turn and how we have deal with that. Grt going.. U r a true gentleman wether it is concerned with your profession or personal.

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