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Lets think beyond ourself (Happy New Year – 2010) December 31, 2009

Posted by Gaurav Dhiman in Uncategorized.

Dear readers of my blog,

As 2009 is just to end, I would like to wish you and your family a great and fun-filled 2010.

On this occasion let’s think beyond our self and our families and think more what we can do for our city, country and society as a whole in a decade to come.

I think we will remain happy if the world around us remains happy, so let’s put our sincere efforts to improve the world around us. In new year let’s make a practice to touch the life of people around us through small but significant gestures, even a small thanks or kind words to someone can make him/her happy. Also let’s make a pledge to at least self correct our self if not the larger group. You must be thinking what’s wrong with me, but if you think deeply, you will realize that everyone of us (including me) daily do something which is not correct or might hurt someone else … simple things like crossing a red-light on traffic signal, not giving preference to pedestrians while we drive our cars, bribing the clerk to get some certificate or govt document faster, loosing patience and temper while driving, throwing waste material in open, fighting or lying in front of children (let’s not give our future generations this culture) …. and many more such small things. Somewhere these small things have become part of our culture and now we take them normally and keep adjusting with them … let’s not do that anymore ….. being a matured and rational human-being and a part of civilized society we all know what’s right and what’s wrong …. let’s adhere to only right and say big NO to wrongs. I know it’s difficult, as I myself do many wrongs after many conscious effort of doing right, but good part is that these efforts keep my inner self alive. If every individual improves on these small things, a lot will improve in our culture and country as a whole.

On other side, we all have been hearing a lot about bigger issues like global warming, international terrorism, corruptions, political scandals …. this is our world in today’s time. You must be thinking what can I do for such issues, but every big change/revolution starts from an individual. Nobody is going to improve our living, our system or our society till the time we do not make our efforts to improve it. Most of us do not realize these things as we are too busy with our daily family and professional life, we do not think beyond our self. Till the time cases like Ruchika, Jessica and Mumbai Attacks will keep on happening, as a society or country we are not safe and neither our future generations. We do not feel pain for others but when same thing happens to us then we realize the pain, all this is because we all are too contended with our personal life (my family and job should remain safe) and are not at all concerned about other’s life. Think of Ruchika’s father, what does new year mean to him, not only to him but to many other people who are in some pain. I appreciate his courage for fighting the case single handedly against a powerful and corrupt officer for 19 years, how many of us have that type of courage and guts to fight for a cause and that too for such a prolonged period. He is in pain due to our poor system and nobody else but we as a society are responsible for the same. The bigger question is who will improve it? It’s up to us what we want to hand over to our future generations. We blame politicians for our poor system and politician are smart enough to fool us every time. Let’s from now onward, take a pledge to stand with other in their pain and do every bit to bring relief to them. As a starting point to improve the system, we should at least vote and vote sensibly in every election (national, state or any level). Our voice is strong as a group or society, not as an individual. To put a real positive impact on our political system we must exercise our power of vote.

I have said a lot … if in case you are thinking “ye kab bolna band hoga”, just simply click the delete button, as then I am unsuccessful to show you the positive side. In case you feel that these things do matter and we must think beyond our self and our family and do our bit to improve our system, then I am glad that this mail did its work.

Once again wishing you and your family great year ahead.



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