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Heart beat up as GMAT date is close September 12, 2007

Posted by Gaurav Dhiman in Further Studies.
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Today is 12th Sept and now only two days left for me to take GMAT exam. Trying to do as much as possible, trying to learn my mistakes and improve on them. I know my weekness. I am bit week in verbal part, but very strong in quant part. I am taking the mock test to judge me performance. I am not doing good in those, getting only 650 or 660 in mock tests, which is not satisfactory.

I read on many other GMAT blogs that there is a very high probability that one gets nearby score what he gets on mock tests. I think I made a mistake by taking these mock test at later stages. I should have taken these when I started preparing for GMAT. These tests are good as they judge your performance as you go through these tests. Based on the replies of your previous questions, the mock test software chooses the questions to be shown, so the judgement of performance is dynamic and happens during the course of test itself. Moreover these mock test put you in same time pressure and shows the questions of same complexity as it happens in real GMAT. I think in taking any compitative exam, managing time is crutial for your overall performance in test. I am missing this part, esp in verbal section.

I started taking these mock tests seriously when i dont have much time left for my GMAT test. Anyway, I am still thinking positive and hope that on 15th I will surely be good state of mind and will beat the GMAT with good score. Friends do pray for me 🙂



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