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Trying to beat GMAT September 7, 2007

Posted by Gaurav Dhiman in Further Studies.
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As told in my last blog entry, I recently joined my office in India. I was at the company’s guest house for few days before moving to my rented apartment. Its difficult to find a decent and reasonable apartment in Noida. Recently I got an appartment where my friend was living earlier with his family. He was leaving so I took it. The state of house was bad, so getting it ready.

With all this shuffling happening in my life, I am not at all able to take out time for the preperation of my GMAT exam, which is scheduled for 15th Sept. I am aiming to achieve at least 700 score, lets see how much I can get. I started thinking about GMAT and MBA in May 2007. I dont know how it suddenly came to my mind to do MBA. I am perfectly ok with the technical role I am playing in my company, but I think for broaden your vision towards your work, you need to have business knowledge too in addition to the technical ground realities of business. After my post-graduation in computer science, I have spent more than six years in a technical and people management role. Now I have started getting a felling that I am doing what my manager is asking me to do without bothering how the company is growing, from where it is getting its business, who are all other clients of our company and blah blah blah …..

Now I feel that its important at least at my stage to know the business side too. I think I should talk to my manager about putting me into business development so that I can feel business happening closely an can gain experience from it.

I am choosing to do MBA as I think that it will help me to switch my role from technical to business development and grow further in it. In long term I have a plan to start my own business in software product development, but for that I think its better to have at least some business experience first. I think MBA can help me switch my role easily rather than me strugling to get my preferred role by proving my capabilities, which might take long time.

I am aiming for one year MBA programmes rather than two year programmes. I want to complete my MBA ASAP and return back to industry. Lets see how much I achieve in GMAT, thats the first step of my MBA journey. Guys, wish me Luck !!



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