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Nothing to Worry !! July 18, 2007

Posted by Gaurav Dhiman in Japan Experiences.

There were a lot of warnings from local administration here in Kobe, Japan, about the strong typhoon approaching it over the last weekend. Everybody was informed and was asked to take precautionary meassures againt the typhoon, which is named as Man-yi. I think its a regular typhoon and comes every summer here in Japan.

My manager at NEC informed about this to us and asked us not to go out on that day. It was my first experience to have a close encounter with typhoon and was bit excited about it. On friday evening after reaching home, I told my wife about it and then tracked the route of typhoon on the Japan Meterilogical Agengy’s (JMA) website. The website was extensive and have a lot of information about Japan wheather, volcanoes, earthquake, typhoon etc. I think, its the best site to track the wheather in Japan. It keeps a track of all earthquakes (does not matter how minor those are) on everyday basis. On that site, I was able to get the satellite pictures of Man-yi typhoon. Actually earlier it was aheading towards Korea, but then it changed its track towards south of Japan. On friday evening itself, it hit the small island of Okinawa in Japan. Okinawa is a remote island mostly have US naval and air force bases there. Its a famous tourist destination as well. Read news on the net that the typhoon hiting the Okinawa, killing two people and distroying a lot of property. It was churning wind at a speed of more than 112 miles/hour, thats a blasting speed 🙂 , isn’t it ??

Typhoon was expected to hit Kobe city or pass by it over the sea on Saturday morning. From thrusday the weather in Kobe city was cloudy and it was raining haevily here. On Saturday, when typhoon was expected to arrive Kobe, one of my friend, Manish, was planning to shift his residence, so was bit worried about it. Eventually, on Saturday morning things were not that bad. It was just simply raining and there was no sign of fast winds and danger as anounced earlier. When I went to Manish’s house for helping him in shifting, the truck driver, who was Japanese, told us that the typhoon got delayed and might reach Kobe on Sunday morning. Well on Sunday morning, the weather was much better than what it was on Saturday morning. After seeing the wheather of Sunday, I thought that either the typhoon has crossed kobe or it might not have even reached kobe. I quickly looked on the JMA site and there I saw that it has crossed Kobe city. It did not passed over the kobe city, but rather over the Ocean. Kobe is on the Japan’s coastline and typhoon in place of hitting Kobe city, crossed over the ocean. On Sunday evening, the typhoon started to calm down and subsided over the ocean near tokyo.

There was lot of talk about it on friday evening, but on tuesday things were back to normal. Finally there was nothing to worry. On friday, I was excited to closely experience the typhoon, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance. Might get the chance next year if I stay here in Japan till that time. Don’t know where I will be next year !!



1. Raghuraman - July 20, 2007

Hi Ghaurav,

How are you doing?hope you will be fine there 🙂 .First of all awesome diary…I introduce my self i am raghuraman working in Hp(Hewlett-Packard) as systems engineer.I got a offer in NECHCL,Japan as senior systems engineer.I am facing promblems to find a actuall picture about japan and NECHCL.Can you provide me the details like where i can stay(accomadation),food habits,how much amout require to spend in a month in tokyo..then finally how is NECHCL?

Please help me on this ….


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