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Indian Curry in Japan July 13, 2007

Posted by Gaurav Dhiman in Japan Experiences.

Today there was special meals here in NEC office at Kobe. The special part was that Indian non-veg curry was served in Japan office. As the special meal was advertised for last few days in our canteen, so most of the guys already knew it, except me and few others (you know, I lack in Japanese 😉 ), so no one from our Indian bunch brought the lunch from home today. When I reached canteen at my usual time, I saw a huge line till he end of the canteen entrance and that line was for special Indian curry. Japanese too were excited about it.

I came to know from one of my friends here, that its a regular yearly affair. Every year, for one day Indian special meal is prepared in NEC canteen, the reason might be good Indian strength here. Although the  food was not proper Indian, but still then all Indian enjoyed the meals and I hope Japanese must also have enjoyed it. All other things were looking like Japanese items except the Naan. Yes naan, I was surprised to see the naan. Don’t know how did the canteen guys managed to get naam. I think it was readymade and they did not prepared it themselves, but still I appreciate their effort.

While writing about Indian food in Japan, just few of my past memories got refreshed, so mentioning the same here. Few months back our NECHCLST manager was on Japan trip and we planned to invite our Japanese manager and few other Japanese team mates to dinner in some Indian restaurant here in Japan. We got the booking done in Aarti restaurant, located in Sannomiya. It’s the famous Indian place (at least among Indians) located in the lively place of Sannomiya. We all left office together at 7:30 pm and reached the restaurant by 8:15 pm. We were first served with mango lassi and bear. As Japese prefer bear (they drink a lot of it), so most of the Japanese ordered for bear. They liked the Indian bear “Maharaja” and enjoyed it a lot. Well the dinner was good, the best part was that our Japanese technical head Kimura-san liked the pudina chatni (mint sauce) and ate it as if its the main serving. It was ok for us, but too spicy for Japanese guys, still Kimura-san was having a good time. He was sweating like anything, but still he demanded more and more chatni. One of us just cracked a joke, that if Kimura-san continues like then he wont be in a position to come to office next day. Well it was just a joke, but it actually happened. next day Kimura-san could not come to office because of stomach upset 🙂 .

For Japanese people, Indian food is too spicy and its hard for them to have it. For us, I mean Indian, Japanese food is tasteless. Moreover I think most of the Indian can not have it because of things like pork , beef and other stuff which is commonly used in Japanese meals. Most of the Indian can at most eat the fish or chicken, but not other non-veg items. Japanese food is rich of sea food. I too tried the Japanese food few times. Once on new year night, I had dinner with my friends and my wife in some Japanese restaurant and there I had the Ramen, Japanese noodles floating in beef liquid and served with small pieces of octopus, fish and snail. Also had some snacks made of turkey and one other item that was just like spring-roll, but it was filled with snails rather than the vegetables. I enjoyed eating snail thing and turkey. Japanese eat a lot of raw non-veg food. by raw it mean, they do not cook much or fry much. For instance the most famous Japanese dish “Sushi” is a fish dish served in a raw form. I think the main reason for good health and average lifetime of Japanese is their food habit, eating raw things, and their habit of regular exercise. These guys remain fit even at the age of 80+. I have never seen any old person needing the help of anybody else. They move around as we do in our young age. I will try to write a separate blog entry on the health of Japanese people. That’s it for today 🙂 … take care.



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